Sub-equity accounts

I am attempting to set up Manager for my person finances. In the past I have set up separate accounts for tithe, housing maintenance & expenses, annual expenses, and a savings/emergency account as equity accounts (which totaled would equal total equity). My objective is to keep a running total for the year in these special categories. The main question: what would be the **easiest** way to do what I want to do. Can I get there from here?

I used to be able to do this in a program called "Accounts" I used for years, which was also from Australia. This involved setting up these accounts as "funds", as equity accounts so I could add and subtract amounts directly, balanced against an 'accruals' expense account I set up. I am no accountant so that may be totally wrong. So if I wrote a check to the church it came out of checking and went directly into my 'tithe' account (equity). I added an amount from my budget at any time of my income less general expenses through the 'accruals' expense account at the end of the month.

Otherwise I think this could have something to do with owner's draw accounts (?) Also, I figured out how to use 'divisions' as sub-accounts for utilities- expenses and healthcare-expenses. Could this possibly work in with equity as well?

Create equivalent “Expense accounts” in manager Build a chart of accounts | Manager You can divide them into groups to enable you to later control the level of detail displayed.

If this is a physical account at bank, create an equivalent titled “Bank account” Set up a bank or cash account | Manager in Manager. If it is an internal funds reservation, create an equivalent “Balance sheet” account

@mgk, none of what you describe represents correct accounting. Nothing you describe as equity is. Nothing is related to an owner’s draw. And questions like this don’t belong on the Manager forum, because they aren’t about how to use the program.

Before you can use any tool, you need to understand what the tool is supposed to do. You need to invest some time learning the fundamentals of accounting before you can hope to understand how to use Manager. We often recommend starting at At the very least, study our Guide about designing a chart of accounts.

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‘Internal funds reservation’ sounds promising. These are not physical accounts at the bank. I will give it a shot. Thanks.

I beg your pardon.