Splitting receipts

I have a similar question. I have to current bank accouts; one is for day to day admin items, eg gardeners bill. The other is for capital replacement replace or repairs; eg major plumbing or electrical works. Revenue is broken into two streams admin and capital. Each stream has a non-inventory item; eg Admin Fees and Capital Fees. I have several outgoing non-inventory items charges for each to record payments. What I like to do is when a client makes a payment against an invoice the total receipts are split automatically between each current account, with possibly giving preferrance to one current account over the other to take care of under or over payments. At the moment I have to receipt an amount in one account then receipt the balance in the other account agsinst the same invoice. Is it possile to link non-inventory items to a current account as a solution. I think it would simplify situations like mine and others like “novica” are having

Your subject is entirely different, @Beaudesert_Lodge_379. @novica wrote about posting billable time to different income accounts for different income streams. You are suggesting splitting receipts between different bank accounts. You cannot do that because the transactions (receipt of money in the bank accounts) are with different entities. (The accounts might be with the same institution, but they are separate for accounting purposes.)

Remember, accounting records reflect what happens in the real world. Suppose you receive money from a customer that includes funds for both administrative and capital purposes. You want to split the money into different bank accounts. If the customer gives you cash, you can do that, but you need to create two separate receipts for the two bank accounts. Each receipt can debit only one bank account.

If the customer gives you a cheque, you must deposit all of it to one bank account or the other, then transfer funds between the bank accounts. You only have one cheque, so you cannot divide the deposit. When recording such a real-world event, you must record the entire deposit to one bank in order to be able to reconcile that account. Then you must use an inter account transfer to move the money destined for the other account to where you want it.

(To be complete, you could also cash the cheque and make cash deposits to the two bank accounts. But you still need two receipts.)

I may have misled you. There is only one bank account but on the books, there are two current income accounts by law. Each showing their income and expenditure respectively. As far as issuing receipts it would be for the full amount. I don’t deal in cash, some cheques, but mainly EFT

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After you provided a correct description of what you are doing, your situation is extremely simple. Dividing of charges occurs on the sales invoice, not the receipt. Create a line item on the invoice for each separate charge, allocating it to the appropriate income account. Since you are apparently using non-inventory items, the account allocation occurs upon setup of the non-inventory items.

When you receive money, post the receipt against Accounts receivable for the customer. No splitting is necessary at that point, because the income has already been divided by the sales invoice.

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