Some customers missing in Customer Statement (Unpaid Invoices)

I experienced some customers are not listed in the Customer Statement (Unpaid Invoices) when I run the report. I cannot find where is the problem as some are listed and some are not in the list. Anybody has the issue. Please advise

the Customer Statement (Unpaid Invoices) report will only show the list of customers who have unpaid invoices as on the date set by the user for the report.
not much help can be provided unless you provide more information about what date you have set for the report, your Manager version, edition, OS, etc.

I have set the date to “Today” and some customers appear and some did not even though they have same amount outstanding, I am using Manager msi Version 20.5.67 and on Window

The current version is 20.5.90 so I would suggest that you update to the latest version and then see if the problem is still there

which link can I get this new version as when i open the manager io link it will only give me version 20.5.67. I am using Window 7 Ultimate. Thanks

OK … i have updated my version to 20.5.90 but the issue still remain. some customer on the list and some customers are not it. In Account Statement (Transaction) every customers are listed on the list but some are not in Account Statement (Unpaid Invoice)

You now need to post the edit screens for the reports and the edit screen for an invoice that think should be included but isn’t