Separate Receipts and Payments

In section J. I missed the part where it said there maybe some legal repercussions if any gaps are left in the serial number sequence.

In most businesses not every serial number is used, some invoices get invalidated / deleted, just as some products labels get scraped prior to delivery of a product.

I have no objection to you putting procedures in place to ensure there are no gaps in some range of numbers you choose to use. I just suspect you are making life harder for yourself than you need.

Hi @Patch ,

The point of Section J is that there are different set of invoices and receipts depending on the transaction of the company. Also, serial numbers are registered with the tax authority per set of document.

Here is a link requiring continuity of series for each set of document.

@jeffbangquil you missed this:

II. C. Taxpayers engaged in business whether government or private, that use receipts/invoices issued thru Cash Register Machine/Point-Of-Sale Machines (CRM/POS) and/or Computerized Accounting System (CAS) [regulated in a separate revenue issuance] shall not be covered under this Order;

These rules are only for manual documents, you should review the rules relating to Computerized Accounting Systems and see if they are any different.

That is a better reference

So basically, your gaps in receipt sequence should be included as consumed for other purposes, that is for payments.

Unfortunately we cannot do since series are reported per books. The minimum books included in CAS is Cash Receipts Book and Cash Disbursements Book, partly mentioned in section H of the same memo.

The use of serial numbers for each type of document can be further clarified by sections F and G.

@jeffbangquil, I see from your profile that you are an accountant. Perhaps you should discuss this general subject with other accountants in your country and the tax authority. There are many Manager users in your country (including other accountants), and no one has ever raised this issue before. I believe you are interpreting government documentation too narrowly. “Cash receipt book,” for example, in a computerized accounting system does not refer to a physical book. As @Patch and @Ealfardan have suggested, nothing seems to require completely unique series for goods and services, only that sequence numbers not be duplicated.

That’s a smart idea.
A report is required listing invoice numbers issued or consumed.

In Manager generating it via a localisation would ensure compliance with format requirements and any program generated gaps could be reported as consumed (if that is required by the tax authority) without any user effort.

To summarise a potential solution

  • Custom field drop down list identifying CV, OR, Cash

  • Custom theme showing the serial number prepending the above custom field.

  • Report localisation listing invoices & associated transactions by date serial number. Program generated gaps listed as consumed (if required).

@Tut , @Patch ,

I guess I can just limit clients who are not required to use two series of OR and two series of Invoices to We tried to apply for CAS with Manager for these clients and are approved.

Unfortunately for clients who are using two series of documents (mix of goods and services), applications are denied. And so we opted to use other software.

I just thought it would be good to have such feature to get more clients onboard with

Thanks for your time though.

I think that independently from this specific case, @lubos should work on a more flexible numbering system.

For exame here in Italy we can have more than one different numbering for sales invoices. Each numbering than will have its own tax declaration. You have to choose each year but then you cannot change for the whole year. It’s a fiscal decision that can have big impact on economics of your company.

So I think that having an autonumbering section combined with a drop-down field to establish the sectional is a “must have” to make Manager flexible and compliant to the laws of most of the countries.

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I would tend to agree that payment and receipt tab shud be separate, so one can allow user to either manage payment or receipt. Its good idea if implemented, please.