Sales invoice Credit card charge

Dear Team,

For online payment link credit card charge how I can add in sales invoice.

already in sales 5% tax added also I want add sales value with credit card charges 2.9% + 1 AED for each invoice.

Please advice .

You need to furnish more information, @asvinalbert. Who is paying the credit card charge? If you know how much it is, and want to charge it to the customer, add an extra line item to the sales invoice. Whether it is taxable depends on your jurisdiction’s rules. If it is an extra fee you pay the processor, that requires a separate transaction, because you are paying an outside entity. You may need to do both. But without knowing the exact situation, a more definite answer is not possible.

Customer need to pay credit card transaction charges. ex: sales invoice is 1000 then need to add extra credit card charge 2.9% if they pay through online payment link.

Does the customer pay you directly for the charge? Do you pay the credit card processor? Is the charge added to the amount the customer pays the processor? Details, please. Do not ask us to guess. There are many possible arrangements, and they affect how the transaction is handled in Manager.

You should also search the forum on this subject, as many of the possible arrangements have already been discussed, with examples.