Sale rate in foreign curency

How entr sale rate in foreign curency and for different coustmer

read below guides.

inventory is your asset and it will always be in your base currency. only the customer you sell it to can be in foreign currency.

@Rashad496 here’s many downsides to this approach that can’t be overlooked.

  1. This requires a separate tab/setting for pricelist and not as an embedded recordset. There probably going to some technical issues here.

  2. The foreign currency price can’t be used this way. This me5hod is prone to errors that can cause large variations and probably losses when the price changes significantly.

The simplest and quickest solution would be to display the local prices even when selling to a foreign currency account.

Another solution would be for Manager to prefill the price field with translated amounts based on whatever exchange rate you entered in your exchange rate settings which you can change manually.

An ever better solution would be to have pricelists, and then you can create a separate pricelist for each foreign currency.

Unfortunately, all of these features are not currently available. So we’ll have to see what other forum members make of it.

@Rashad496, the sales price you enter for an inventory item is not in any currency. It is just a number the program uses to fill in the transaction entry form. It is not even required. It is a shortcut. When a sales price is present, the program interprets it as being in whatever currency the customer is denominated in. The number does not change as customers with different currencies are used. Nor does it change when your exchange rates change.

If you often sell to customers in different currencies, you should consider leaving the sales price field blank in the inventory item definitions. That way, you avoid confusion.