Residual Payroll Liability present after I pay my BAS

Usually straight after I pay my BAS (PAYG and GST) for the quarter I end up with a pesky $0.90 of Payroll Liability remaining.
I’m a small time Sole Trader accounting on Cash Basis and pay PAYG and GST on quarterly periods.
Thanks for any assistance.

You need to provide more information before anyone can really help you. It sounds, though, like at some time in the past you may have entered a payslip deduction for 90¢ more than you paid. That residual liability would remain after paying. Or, you may be paying for a past filing period after you’ve already entered 90¢ for the current period.

In part this occurs because taxes have been calculated in dollars & cents, but the BAS return only requires rounded dollars and you pay inrounded dollars. Therefore this can leave residual cents, which can be adjusted out (written off) when making the payment.

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Thanks very much for this response, just the help I needed to explain what was going on and what I need to do. Best regards

Thanks for the response to explain possible reason, I’ll look out for this happening in future. The information from Brucanna got me sorted for my particular issue. Best Regards.