Reports for inventory kit (and module)

Dear @lubos,

can you please add reports for inventory kit? Where can I find how many of them are sold?

Secondly… I don’t understand why they are in settings and not in customize as a module. Do you think that it can be moved to module like production orders?


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Currently, you cannot. They were removed from Inventory Profit Margin report because of a bug. See Inventory Profit Margin report bug when Inventory Kits are sold for a discussion.

I don’t see a purpose for this. Inventory kits do not, by definition, exist until the instant they are sold. They are merely a convenience for selling pre-existing inventory items in a bundle. In that sense, they are very much like non-inventory items. That is, they are entry shortcuts, not separate functions.

Is it possible to access to this data through custom reports?

No, because the transactions entered are for the individual items, not the kit. This is related to the explanation in the topic I linked.

Since it’s a relational database (SQL) it’s only only a problem to link the tables. So then real answer is “no, right now, until @lubos will expose the fields in custom reports”.

Dear @tut, I think that this forum should be more a place to improve Manager rather than having you answering always NO without thinking to a mid term solution to propose to @lubos for future implementation.

I answered “No” because that was the answer to your question. I do not presume to know the development direction of the program. I answer based on what is, not what might be, unless the developer has previously expressed his plans on a particular subject.