Re-Implementation of Tracking Codes

I Would Like To Request @lubos
To Re-Implement Tracking Codes Into Manager ( Not to replace Divisions But Implemented With Divisions ).
for Example:-
Consider a Construction Company Named Company AA And They Are Engaged in Business of Constructing Residential Plus Commercial Complexes All Over The Country.
So, They Divided The Whole Business into Four Divisions Namely- South, North, East And West.
And Each Complex Construction is Represented by A Project in Manager.
But Now they Want To Further Divide Their Divisions Into Three Parts Under Each Division Namely- Residential Flats , Commercial Shops And Infrastructure Development.
But Currently We cannot Make Sub-Divisions.
This Problem can Be Solved By creating Tracking Code For Each Of Sub-Division
Residential Flats , Commercial Shops And Infrastructure Development.
Ability to Select Tracking Codes With Divisions And Projects On Each And Every Transaction Form.
I Would Like to request @Tut , @sharpdrivetek , @Ealfardan , @Ehab, @eko And Other Forum Members to Give Their Views on This Idea.


I encourage this idea, and I see the need for it urgently.


I agree.



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Hello @Tut or @Abeiku
Can You please transfer this topic to #ideas category.

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No,, I will not. The developer abandoned the concept of tracking codes because they were too limited. Divisions have replaced them. I doubt that will be reversed.

What you are really asking for is not tracking codes, but endless hierarchies of categorization.

This has a very real application and from both business and accounting perspectives useful [quote=“, post:1, topic:39399”]
Ability to Select Tracking Codes With Divisions And Projects On Each And Every Transaction Form.

I agree

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Hello @Tut
In my Opinion you have not dealt with mid-sized and large bussiness in past. That’s why you are not understanding my requirements.

Note:- do not say manager is built for small business only. Using Divisions & Projects and Dealing in Various Currencies are characterstics of mid-sized and large Bussiness.

Yes True as many bussiness requires that reports for decision making as well as for reporting purposes.
I am not asking for a whole new Feature for manager. This is just same as already implemented in charts of Accounts, we can create groups under groups without any limits.

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I do not support your idea. I deleted my post as it indeed diverted from this topic.

I appreciate it. I have also deleted my comment on your post.

Now , i know your reason of non-support to my idea- This Adds too much of complexity to manager.

Am i right @eko ?

If yes,
Let me to give explanation on this:-

  • Small business Owners:- (let's go to past when tracking codes are present ) there is a topic named grouping of tracking codes in #ideas Category. (Let's come back to present ) if tracking codes and the idea of grouping them brings back then
    1. If they use tracking codes then they use them as same as they are using in past.

    2. If they do not use tracking codes is just an extra icon in their settings tab.

    This way their is no Complexity for small business owners

  • For mid-sized & large Bussiness owners:- they need Complex Reports to Ensure Smooth running of operations of their bussines. And for preparing complex reports their must be some complex things so complex reports can be generated. In my example they need report vertically ( Division Wise ) Horizontaly ( Residential, Commercial & Infrastructure wise ) & Project wise.

    So , Complexity is must for this type of users.

  • Now tell me Is your doubt is satisfied or you are still not Supporting my idea @eko.

Sorry but no,I have the same opinion as @Tut on this, I do not support ideas that lead to endless hierarchies of categorization. In another post some time ago I already explained that some users create too much detail in the Chart of Account similar to having divisions, projects, tracking codes, etc. with an attempt to give everything a box and spreading the meaning too thin. Sometimes it is good to drill drown but for most management decision-making the larger picture counts with less granularity.

So. Both @eko And @Tut Are Against my idea.
So I Just Want to ask if you both has any alternative Solution for my problem.
Actually, Company is Considering Outsourcing The Work of Infrastructure Development to Another Company Specialized in Infrastructure Development
Also Considering To Start Construction of Industrial Buildings Business along with Residential And Commercial Construction Business.
Company Wants To compare Its Expenses with The Price Quoted by Another Company. So, as to Decide Weather Infrastructure Development Work Should be Outsourced or not.

This discussion has nothing to do with Manager. I have closed it.

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@Tut, I think the discussion has everything to do with Manager. is suggesting improvement in Accounting Dimensions in Manager.

As time goes on, the number of users will continue to go up and you will see users asking for the ability to create Subsidiary divisions for Divisions (The ability to group divisions under a Parent division for reporting purposes.) as suggested here Grouping of Tracking Codes - Manager Forum.

@lubos mentioned it wasn’t a bad idea to have that in this topic years ago Feature Request (Sub Tracking Codes Capability) - Manager Forum


Then I will reopen the topic, but delete all the discussion that was unrelated to Manager.

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Firstly Thanku @Abeiku ,
Your Post Played a Vital Role In Re-Opening of This Topic. Otherwise this Idea Will Became trash in a few Days.

and For This- Sub-Divisions Are Under One Parent Division But Tracking Codes Should Be Inter-Divisional, let’s take a example-
There is two Divisions Called Division A & B And Both Of Them Has Three Sub-Divisions Named ( 1A , 2A, 3A , 1B ,2B, 3B ).
So There is A Tracking Code Named 1T Which Included
1/8 of 1A + 1/7 of 1B ( In My Above Example This Tracking Code Represents Infrastructure Development ). ( 1/8 & 1/7 Are imaginary Figures ).
Now , in Current Situation Sub-Divisions in my Example Should Be Replaced by Projects.