Ratio analysis report

Is it possible to add ratio analysis report in Manager?


What sort of ratios are you interested in? I’m asking to see which can be hard-coded and which would have to be manually configured.

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Would it be possible (or be easier?) to offer a range of common business ratio’s that does applies to P&L, Balance reports in the same manner as various reports can be selected under the Report->customised button?

This makes it easier to choose one ratios over others as I can imagine not having several investments for our hobby business at present so I can select the basic current ratio or possibly quick (acid) to see if our business looks good.

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I think adding a Ratio Analysis Report would be a fabulous idea, and fairly easy to implement I would think.

I’d suggest a single report with three sections 1) Profitability Ratios; 2) Liquidity Ratios; and 3) Financial Stability Ratios.

In each section, you could calculate the two or three most commonly used ratios for that analysis type.

For example, under Profitability, calculate return on assets, net profit margin, and gross margin. Under Liquidity calculate current ratio, quick ratio, and receivable turnover ratio. Under Financial Stability, calculate debt ratio and equity ratio.

Perhaps also have one or two customisable calculations at the bottom of the report so a user can add any special analysis they need based on their particular circumstances.

I think it would be one step in making a great product even better.


As pcal mentioned, there are some common financial ratios that could be useful for anyone, regardless of the type of business they have.

Is it a feature (Ratio Analysis Report) planned to be available in Manager in next versions?
If not, is there any custom way to make it happen thorough current version manually?


Hi everyone @lubos @Tut @Brucanna

Is there any progress about the financial ratios report.
It will be so helpful to have a custom report where we can make a different mathematical calculation between MANAGER output numbers like divided the total revenue by the net profit
Or the total assets by total liabilities.

Dear Lubos, @lubos

Do you have any plan to build some features regarding to financial analyses. If manager is capable to working with this feature that would be really useful. I think most active users of manager would use these tools daily.

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