Purchase on behalf of other company

If I have a company A in country A, this company A order goods in country B & deliver to company B in country B.whats the double entry for company A. Both companies r not related.

More information is required .

Just because Company A creates an order and has the delivery to Company B, this in itself doesn’t create an accounting transaction until this information is known - who owns the purchases, who paying for the purchases

Put it this way. Company A in country A purchase n sell to company b in country b. The supplier of company A is from country b.

Suggestion, your first step, from your bank against your expense account or inventory. Then receive money from B, against the same expense acccount or inventory.

drop shipping?

  1. Company A buys from Company C and pays Company C
  2. Company A sells to Company B and pays Company A
  3. Company C delivers to Company B

The country factor doesn’t matter as the transactions could have occurred in the same city.

For 1 - Purchase Invoice for credit purchase or Spend Money for cash purchase.
For 2 - Sales Invoice for credit sale or Receive Money for cash sale.