Purchase Invoices with respect to Customers?

e.g Customer A gets an invoice, company offer services against customer invoice , adds in purchase invoices
can it’s possible to add purchase invoices with respect to that Specific customer A and get report of specific customer A purchase invoice details.

So doing this we can get profit and loss report of that specific invoice of Customer.

Is it Possible ?

Read the Guide: Offset simultaneous sales and purchase invoices | Manager

Is it for Same Customer and Supplier ?

What i am saying , how we can record of purchase Invoices w.r.t to Sale Invoices.

Like Customer A sale Invoice and the Purchase invoices against Customer A Invoices.

So we can get the report of profit against that particular sale Invoice.

Profit is not calculated on specific sales invoices, regardless of whether there are simultaneous purchase invoices involved. So the answer is you cannot do what you are asking about.