Purchase Invoice Item missing tracking codes

I have just started to use Purchase Invoice Items and discovered that I have no option to select tracking codes! I will need tracking codes in purchase invoice items. Is there some reason why its not available.

Have you set up at least one tracking code?

Yes I have setup about a dozen. I can get tracking codes to appear in sales invoice items, but its not showing up in purchase invoice items. Come to think of it, it doesn’t show up in inventory items either. I basically have to add the tracking code manually on the quote/order/invoice.

I’ve added this feature to the latest version (15.2.10)

Thank you. Would you be able to add the same functionality to inventory items.

Can you explain how are you using tracking codes? What are you really tracking with tracking codes and how your inventory items relate to your tracking codes?

I have linked up two topics that might help explain in more detail how I use tracking codes and what I am ultimately aiming for

linking clients with expenditure

and using expense accounts and tracking codes

But to save you reading the entire posts to get the gists of what I was looking for:

In short, I want to track income/expenditure by divisions - IT Support, Sales (hardware and Software), Website design etc. I do this by creating tracking codes for each division and I have now set purchase invoice items to be linked to whatever division they are relevant to. With the sales (Software and Hardware Division), I have broken that up into Software Sales, General Sales, Networking Sales, Computer Sales, Laptop Sales Tracking codes and I want to assign laptop inventory to the Laptop Sales Tracking code. The idea being so that I can see how much income is generated through laptop sales, network sales, software sales etc!

As mentioned in one of the topics linked here, you suggested that you might make a master tracking code for the divisions and a projects tracking code for projects as one of the issues both myself and other people have come across is a need for multiple tracking codes for the same item.