Proper place to enter regular expenses? Is Billing Expense gone?

I’ve been reading the guides and searched on forum, I’m trying to find where the proper place to enter regular business expenses? Like for instance entering a receipt for fuel. I read about Billable Expenses but don’t seem to see it anywhere, was it recently removed from Manger? Did Expense Claims take it’s spot?

The other place I read was someone was saying to enter regular every day business expenses under purchase orders, is that best practice? There is two types of expenses I’m wanting to record, first is regular expenses like cell phone & utilities bills that come every month, then there is expenses like just regular stuff we buy on our credit card day to day. Not sure where the best place to enter those are.

See this post.

Guides have not been updated yet.



Expenses of any type are entered either as purchase invoices (if purchased on credit) or payments (if purchased as a cash transaction). See the Guides about those topics.

Enter a payment, posted to your credit card bank account. (There is a Guide about that, too.)

@phelpsit, your recent questions indicate you are not familiar with basic accounting principles. Manager is a sophisticated tool; like any tool, you need to understand what the tool is designed to accomplish. You might benefit from spending some time on a basic accounting education website, such as

Actually it isn’t. I spent 15+ years working in Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly Navision), have done inventory accounting systems with weighted average, FIFO, LIFO, Crystal Reports, very knowledgeable with HTML, VBScript, .NET, Java, and have been in the IT industry for 20+ years. It’s the first time I’ve worked in Manager though, my experience is every system is very different from each other and it’s just finding where stuff is that’s difficult. I think a lot of people overcomplicate business functions. Like if I was keeping track of things all with a pen and paper this stuff is super easy–it’s just not practical obviously. I will admit though my skillset is definitely not accounting, it’s IT, but it’s not my first rodeo with this stuff.

@phelpsit, I didn’t question your IT skills. But your confusion of billable expenses and expense claims, purchase orders with expense recordings, both suggested a lack of understanding of accounting fundamentals.

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I didn’t confuse billable expenses and expense claims, just asked for clarification of where something was. Not every accounting software uses the same terminology.

True, but in what system are purchase orders used to record expenses? To my knowledge, none. Someone who thought that might be true seemed like a novice. So I tried to point you towards educational resources.

True… :hugs: