Project form blank when viewed

Kindly rectify the projects as it cant show any data when viewed apart from the name of the project

You are not using the latest version - please upgrade and then review the projects

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I have cloud version too… The result is the same

You need to show the edit screen of a transaction assigned to a project and then the Project view to support your assertion.

More than likely, you have not entered the transactions correctly

It sounds like you are looking at the Edit screen rather than the View screen.

please click on the number at profit column to display profit, income and expenes related project

@Tut. Thats is not the case. I am infact clicking on view and I cannot still see the project profitability summary. There is something not right. It could be a bug.

Show the relevant screenshots please.

My choice of words was poor. I asked if you were looking at the View screen. I should have asked if you were viewing the drill-downs from the Projects tab listing, as @timbul illustrated.

The Edit screen for a project requires only a little information:

The View screen shows even less:

But drilling down on the Profit column for the relevant project shows full results:

Thanks @timbul and @Tut. This is new to me … Thanks