Profit margin report issue

The Inventory Profit Margin report used to give the profit percentage for each item and for the total of sales at the bottom. Now the total does not appear any more. Can this be fixed?

If I remember correctly, this was changed when inventory kits were removed from the report, because it would no longer be an accurate representation of total inventory profit margin. See Inventory Profit Margin report bug when Inventory Kits are sold - #7 by lubos.

That post is a bit old. We do not use inventory kits and I could see the total profit margin until a couple of weeks ago. So I am not sure why this piece of information has suddenly disappeared. I can calculate the total profit margin myself quickly, but it would be nice to see it there again as it was before.

Same issue here, also I recall it was the average profit margin for all previously mentioned inventory items in the report. It was a good addition to that report!