Profit and Loss Statement accounts

how i can add some account from the accounting chart to the income statement ??

All Income and Expense accounts are included in the P & L

Some may be hidden if you chose the option Exclude Zero balances

Obviously all asset, liability and equity accounts are excluded. They appear in the Balance Sheet report

what if i have other expenses from the accounting chart ?

I don’t understand what you mean by your question

All expenses posted either by using Purchase Invoices or Cash Purchases will appear in the expense accounts on the P & L

@Amr_El_Sayed, I assume that you are not trying to add an account from the chart of accounts to the Profit and Loss Statement, but rather add an account to the chart of accounts itself. Read this Guide: Add an ordinary account | Manager.

i really want to add some account from chart of account to the income statement.

All of the accounts in the P & L section of the Chart of Accounts appear automatically in the P & L Report

Please post screen copies of an account which does not appear according to you