Production Order - Add Non Inventory Cost

Dear @lubos,

I have an issue with Production Order. When I choose a non Inventory Cost in the Production Order from a P&L account I am not able to apply a Tracking Code. Is it possible to add this functionality?

I am not sure that is feasible. Some of the accounts you can post non-inventory costs to on production orders are balance sheet accounts, which cannot be tagged with tracking codes.

Honestly, though, I am having trouble thinking of examples where balance sheet accounts would be appropriate for non-inventory costs. It seems to me that only expense accounts should be allowed. What you are doing is transforming what would otherwise be expenses into assets in the Inventory on hand account.

Yes, but since we are transforming costs into assets we are “unloading” a P&L item towards an Assets.

But we cannot unload from a specific part of the P&L, ie the specific tracking code, but only from the generic P&L. The result is that the global P&L is not the sum of all the P&L by tracking codes…

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I’ll move this to ideas and we will see what @lubos has to say.

This makes sense and it’s fairly easy to implement. I’m almost done with some internal restructuring of the program to make it easier to plow through feature requests. So give me a few more days before I implement this.


Added to the latest version (21.4.30)

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