Problem with HTML in Description Field

I was trying to make some text bold, which I got to work by using text and then decided that I wanted to make the text one size larger than the rest of the description text. At first I did header2 bold in html and then realised that actually header 2 would have made the text bold anyway.

However, right after I did the above, all the text in the description disappeared. So I thought ok, you can’t do that and just did header2 in html, but no matter what text I put in, I either get one of two scenarios. I put the text in the description field in inventory items using no html, but nothing shows in the sales quote description field. Or I put the text in bold html and my visible text shows on the next line, instead of the topmost line.

It appears that the text that disappeared is actually still there, but not visible in the description field and I cannot delete that invisible text. How do I view that field directly?

See pic below - text in inventory item, but not showing in sales quote view, although it does show on the actual sales quote!

I have had similar, though not identical problems, with HTML coding causing text to disappear in the Notes field of sales invoices. Apparently, Manager’s HTML “engine” (if that’s the proper term) deletes (or maybe just hides) lines that it doesn’t support. Some of my trouble had to do with features of older versions of HTML. The coder who helped me resolve the problem experimented until he found tags that worked. As I recall, there was also an issue of HTML versus CSS.

It would help to have a definite statement of exactly what version of HTML is supported or to have a listing of allowed tags if Manager only supports some.

My difficulty at the moment is not whether the html works or not, but getting rid of this hidden text that I cannot delete. There is something there that is messing up the description field for this inventory item, but I can’t delete it because I can’t see it. How do I view it?

@dalacor, I’m not really sure what’s happening. Would you mind sending me your accounting file to, also I will need instructions how to reproduce the problem.

I am not sure what I did to fix it, but I managed to get rid of the issue with something being hidden on the top most line. I think that when you used h2 html - this is what causes the problem.

What html do I need to use to make the text bold and one font size larger as that is what I was trying to do.

Use the span tag and CSS instead:

Test <b>test bold</b> <span style="font-size:150%; font-weight:bold">test big bold</span>

In an invoice Notes field, this results in:

Thank you. I might consider doing that. I suspect that Lubos will change things in Manager in the future as I don’t think the current arrangement for description field is workable long term especially as many people will struggle with using CSS, HTML and Markup etc.