Pro-forma Invoice

Please add the tab of “Proforma Invoice” as I need it urgently.I followed the discussion you had with some other users last May, but still there is not the requested tab in the latest version which I have just downloaded (desktop edition). I appreciate your efforts in advance. Keep up the good work.

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This will be very helpful once implemented.

This would be a great addition as I am also waiting for this module.

This really would be a welcome addition. It would be very useful to me at the moment. This is the ideal way to do business with a first time customer when selling goods to people you don’t know.

Is there already an approximate timeline when the Pro-forma Invoice will be added to the system? This would be a really useful addition.
Thanks for a great software.

Could you not use a quote for this, and rename the “sales Quote Template” as "Proforma Invoice?

We will have to have both, the Sale quote that is already provided along with this , Proforma Invoice will definitely help

What is the difference between a sales quote and proforma invoice?