Pre-start-date credit notes not visible or readily accessible

Dear @lubos,
I have opened a new business and i deleted every entry. You can see in the screenshot all receipt, payment, etc are zero. But credit note is still showing 5.

But, when the credit note is clicked, it shows no existing vouchers (see screenshot below). Please suggest how to correct this problem.

Do you have a set Start Date?

Yes have

You copy the data by clicking on Batch Update and then Copy to clipboard.

Paste your data in a spreadsheet and check if the dates of these Credit Notes are before the Start Date.

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Problem solved, thanks a lot @Ealfardan

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You’re welcome.

But this probably should be classified as a bug by the mods.

I would not classify this as a bug—yet. Two separate design factors are at work:

  • The tab counters count every transaction of a type. In this case, the program counted 5 credit notes. They are real and in the database.
  • The program is intended to ignore transactions before the start date except for determining starting balances of subsidiary ledgers. It did.

That was your mistake, @sonicgroup. You did not delete every entry, only the ones after the start date.

But if those credit notes were there, some customer should have a starting balance in Accounts receivable. I think @lubos should take a look at that. There have been other situations where pre-start-date credit notes were incompletely considered.

All balances of customers or any other head of account showed zero. But, still I failed to trace those 5 credit note until @Ealfardan came to my help.

Clicking on credit note should have shown those 5 credit notes but instead it displayed create new credit note which was definitely confusing

That’s true, I am all for that, but what if a date was entered by mistake this could happen if it was batch created or if there were no lock dates, how can the user find the wrong entries and correct them?

That was the exact situation here:

These transactions should definitely appear somewhere in the gui for said reasons.

If I may suggest a solution and I don’t know if this has changed, but zero valued transactions were kind of hidden until you specifically searched for them. Maybe the solution could be something like that: have those hidden until someone searches for “Starting Balance” or whatever and then they appear.

I think that should check all the boxes. What do you think @Tut?

@sonicgroup, you may have already deleted these stray credit notes. So you might not be able to do this in a meaningful way. But I am curious what your Starting Balances report for this business shows and whether you able to drill down on any balances it contains.

Sorry, @Ealfardan, our posts crossed. I am thinking along the same lines. I was actually more concerned originally about what I call “orphan” transactions. There have been a couple situations in past years where deletion of one thing leaves something related hiding in the database with no way to get at it. This is not quite the same thing, but the experience for the user is very close to that.

Re-reading the thread you linked about expense claims refreshed my memory on that issue. I think a solution is to show all transactions, including pre-start-date ones. Those before the start date can be in red or gray, be restricted to the bottom of the list, or something. But it does seem like they ought to be more accessible.

Given that I thought the expense claim situation was a bug, I suppose this one qualifies, too. I will move the topic to bugs and edit the subject.

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@Tut , I just deleted the start date then I could see all the missing credit notes right there in the tab. Then, I deleted those vouchers and credit note displayed 0 exactly as I wanted

Fixed in the latest version (21.6.26)