Please add Fifo Method to Inventory

i appreciate your work but Please add FiFo Method to Inventory valuation that would be so grateful

As a new member you should have read the Forum’s FAQ/Rules, especially the first part where it says:

  • Read the Guides first. They explain many features and functions of Manager. They include helpful illustrations and examples. We are always adding new ones and updating existing ones as capabilities of the program improve.
  • Search before you post. Chances are good you are not the first person with a similar question. If you cannot find what you need in the Guides, thousands of topics with tens of thousands of postings make it likely the answer to your question is already here on the Forum. Before starting a new topic, tap into our huge, crowdsourced knowledge base.

This is because nearly everything is already explained in the guides and on the forum, and it prevents wasting time of other members.

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That is not likely to happen, @Mariwan_Omer. It would require a complete overhaul of the entire inventory management scheme of Manager and all underlying concepts. If your business needs FIFO inventory valuation and tracking—as some businesses do—you should look for a different accounting system. While Manager might add that capability in the future, it would not be soon.

In support of @Mark and of @Tut see comment: Can you add FIFO mothed insteed on inventory average cost - #2 by lubos