Physical Inventories -Adjust Qtys and Cost

I’ve been thru all the documentation and was unable to find where item quantities and costs can be adjusted.
It would be nice to be able to download the items and fill in the qtys and/or costs.
In other words a mass update - I see where you can update prices and beginning qtys and cost but not
current qtys and costs.

Manager is double-entry accounting system. You can’t adjust current quantity and cost and be done with it.

So why do you need to adjust quantity and cost? Have some inventory items been destroyed, stolen or used internally by the business? Then use Inventory Write-offs tab.

Hi Lubos

In scenario physical quantity is Less Than system quantity we can use Write-off
but if the physical quantity is more than System Quantity what should we do?

if physical quantity is more than the system quantity, it means you have been recording wrong quantities in the system. that looks like a manual error. you should check your entries and edit them to correct quantities.

You use a Journal Entry, (as a reverse Inventory write-off)

Not necessarily, there can be various valid causes for increased inventory.
A farmer starts the year with 10 lambs and six months later has 45 lambs and nothing has been recorded wrong in the system

this is similar to situation where a finished good is produced from raw materials through production order. which again is something you should record in your system.

anyway, we cannot comment what @Muthu_Ram_Ar has been doing or what inventory he is referring to without providing any additional details.

How are you going to add lambs via a productions order:
Raw materials - Ewe + Ram
Finished Good - Lamb

Yes, via a Journal so the physical inventory matches the accounting inventory.
I don’t see the Ewe attaching a Purchase Invoice to the Lamb

But we did comment without knowing

Yes i am asking about the same situation. so during the stock check it will clearly shows that raw materials is excess so how can i adjust this with our system

please explain clearly.

are you saying that the raw materials listed in your inventory items in Manager are showing as excess?
or the physically available items?

As previously advised - you use a Journal Entry.

Inventory Recovered is a self created account.


Thankyou @Brucanna