Payslips hitting Employee Clearing Account

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Do not hold your breath. When I tested this, the renaming bug had no effect on payslip postings. I could not duplicate your problem of payslips in Suspense. I don’t think that has any connection to your problem.

I have gone through @Paparazzi’s company file and cleared the payroll amounts appearing in suspens. I deleted the earning account (salary) created it again and redid the pay-sheets.

@Paparazzi you need to understand Payroll accounting more.
There are ways you can use manager to comfortably

  1. Deduct from employee and pay to tax office or social security company or to any other company.

  2. Deduct and retain in the company to reduce a receivable from the employee, or as penalty, or for unpaid leave.

I’m very busy now, if i get the time i will explain things to you later

Thank you Abeiku,

No idea what went wrong, but like you did, I deleted the salary account from my payroll items, added it again and now it’s working fine! And just in time … cause we had a staff coming in from our branch in Saudi who we wanted to train to use this software.

Really appreciate this!
Also, want to let it be known that am really pleased with the support given by the community :slight_smile:

Like the three musketeers keep saying … one for all, all for one!

@Paparazzi I can reproduce this issue. When you create payslip item with custom expense account which then gets deleted, payslip item correctly switches to default expense account (as per Payslip Items screen) but the general ledger still looks for the deleted account. Since it cannot find it, it attributes the amount on payslip to Suspense account as if the payslip item was not selected at all. This shouldn’t have happened.

The latest version (18.7.17) fixes this issue.

Thank so much, @lubos Much appreciated!
We have subscribed for the cloud edition and going through the trial period. Will pay as soon as the free period is over as we are already comfortable with it. Just some small tweaking for personal use required, which we are currently doing.