PayPal fees and transaction charges

Is there any way of adding the PayPal fees so that my balance is true? After charging the customer the full amount, PayPal then charges the 3.4% of transaction + £0.20. I want to add this in so that my balances match up without it being shown on the invoice?

Can this be done?

Have a look at

Feel like such an idiot as it was as simple as that! Thanks Lubos!

Got the same question, Link is dead, can you please re-post. or forward a new link.

Simply enter negative amount which will decrease the total received.

See last screenshot:

I got that part but it’s just a lot of work. If upload a quicken file from Paypal, it just imports the gross amount, transaction fees are not included, neither transfer and other administrative transactions. while I reconcile balance don’t match.

I have expend hours trying to figure this out.

Quicken neither Quickbooks files are imported correctly, I got the chance to see the raw text and found this:

LShopping Cart Payment Received
SShopping Cart Payment Received
MShopping Cart
PPeter Meczky

This is just one item notice how many of the information is ignored, will be nice to get the Gross amount and fees on one then we can send the changes to the right accounts.
see image:

Transfers transaction, Refunds, Chargebacks and Holds are been ignored on the monthly download if you us the download option from Paypal.

If I use the coma delimited ( All transaction affecting balance) option I see all transactions on a spreadsheet, I can match all conciliate on the spreadsheet manually.
I used a program I purchase online called csv2qbo it converts my coma delimited file on qbo, same situation, once i import the file, I get incomplete information.

I have tested creating many business to be able to make this Paypal work, no success, all information needs to be almost entered manually, on my case is a problem after 1k transactions to enter fees and assign to an account.

Is there a better way to do this? reconcile Paypal is a pain.

Just send me a sample what you are trying to import to and I’ll look how importing function in Manager can be improved.

email sent!. Thanks for your attention.

I have download the new version, and tested on a new business, I can filter very easy Postage Expenses, Payments and Fees are coming together on every transaction. My question now is how to know the total fees on all those payments received. Can we filter this fees and see a total somewhere? I don’t see how. My logic says it will need to appear on Expenses.

When I check Retained earnings I can see those fees there, will be nice to filter and edit in bulk to be able to drop those fees or assign those fees to a "Paypal Fees"Expense Account.

I will really appreciate instructions, I may ignore or have skip an step to accomplish my goal on this.

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Wow after a long time I download the new version and have seen lot of improvements, Now we have Rules and Bulk update.

My data is huge, I have about 15000 transactions just from Paypal and need to make lots of clicks just 740 times per page, is there any way to make this process faster? I All select on the column and hit Bulck update, lots of clicks.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. BTW:
Great Job lobos this is software is getting better and better, Thanks for bringing this.

Yeah, bulk update will show only 50 lines per screen.

However, you said you process 15,000 transactions per month just from paypal? If all these transactions are nothing but sales and bank fees, why bother importing at all? You should probably make single entry once a day/week/month which will summarize all transactions in that period.

Is there any reason you want to load all the transactions into Manager?

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