Partnership capital accounts

Kindly give detailed steps to record partnership capital entries relating to apportionment of profits and loss between partners in a business. Love the simplicity of the software.

Go to Capital Accounts under Settings and Create the partners as New Members then create Sub Accounts including Share of Profit, Drawings and Funds Contributed.

To record the apportionment of profit, create a Journal Entry with a debit to Retained Earnings for the profit amount to be distributed, and credit each partner with their share of profit by crediting Capital Accounts/Member Name/Share of Profit.


Thanks a lot Tony. Keep up the good work.

How to record cash drawings for a partnership business in a way that it sums up to the total amount credited to a partners individual current account.

It’s the same concept as recording distribution of profit.

To classify payments which are cash drawings by partners

Select Capital accounts account, then select name of partner, then Drawings

I can’t seem to find capital accounts in settings.

That section is disabled by default. Go to Settings tab, click Customize button and enable Capital accounts.

Once you do this, you can add individual members/partners/beneficiaries etc.

Has this changed? I can’t seem to find a Customize button or any reference to Capital Accounts. I’m on Manager 14.5.10. Thanks.

Nothing has changed there. There is a Customise button when you go to Settings

Got it, thanks. I was looking at the hidden tabs section below settings.

How to show the calculations for the Partners Capital Account in the Balance Sheet ( Salary to Partners , Deposits ,Withdrawals and then the final closing figure ) ?

Balance sheets do not show such things. A balance sheet shows the balance of included accounts as of a specific date. Depending on your organization and how your chart of accounts is set up, you should find what you want in the Statement of Changes in Equity, General Ledger Summary, or Capital Accounts Summary.

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