One customer multiple projects

What is the best way to set up a customer with multiple projects and has multiple invoices within each project?
I would like to breakout each project with its own statement. What was invoiced what was received.
I was thinking entering the customer info several different times, for example: ABC Construction Project A, then entering ABC Construction Project B and so forth. Is this the way to accomplish this? Or am I an idiot. BTW the software is AWESOME and the coding for it must be monumental. Just love it. Sincerely Plumber from California, with limited accounting knowledge.

Read about tracking codes and custom fields to see if either meets your needs.

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Yes, that would be best for keeping the invoicing and payments for each project separate.
Using the suggested tracking codes would also enable the performance of each project to be reported.

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thank you very much for your quick response.

thank you much appreciated

It worked. Thank you again.