Not able to allocate Tracking Code to loss/gain on disposal of Fixed asset

This issue was raised in 2016 but I have decided to start a new thread due to the time lapse and as the original issue got a little side tracked. This was the previous thread:

I have disposed of an asset and a Loss on Disposal of $32.99 has been incurred.

When completing the disposal process it is not possible to select a Tracking Code and so the auto generated entry is posted without a Tracking Code.

This is reported on the Tracking Exception Report:

(As can be seen this is also an issue for Forex gains/losses)

A P&L using Tracking Codes looks like this:

Resulting in the Net Profit bottom line total of Tracking Code columns not equaling the Total column.

I have used the following journal as a workaround to fix the Loss on Disposal (not possible for the Forex gains/losses), but can the disposal process be set up to include an option to select the Tracking Code.

The reason losses/gains on disposal cannot be allocated to tracking codes is because the fixed assets themselves cannot be. Currently, tracking codes extend only to transactions posted directly to income and expense accounts. Balance sheet accounts are not included. And since the losses/gains on disposal stem directly from a balance sheet account, they are also not included. Until the ability to segregate assets on the basis of tracking codes (or some replacement system) is added, this is unlikely to happen.

Thanks @Tut. Perhaps it could be added to the ideas list.

@AJD, the developer has previously written that he has bigger plans for improvements to all aspects of what is now the tracking code feature. Tracking codes were conceived with a very limited objective. Users have thought up so many creative uses that they’ve outstripped the foundation of tracking codes in the program

While this suggestion may seem small, it is related to hard coding in major modules. Rather than add to the 175 ideas already in the list, I think we’d be better off to see what happens with the major renovation.

@Tut, I would suggest that this issue is well within the parameters of the original conception of Tracking Codes.

I think that most forum contributors understand the complexities of making changes to the program and submit ideas with a genuine desire to assist in improving it’s functionality and usability. I am not sure that ideas should be rejected on the basis that there are too many existing ideas or in the hope that an idea will be covered in other scheduled program changes. In fact documentation of all ideas is more likely to assist the developer to be across all issues that may be affected when planning a major renovation so as to avoid excessive duplication of the work involved.


I’ve put this into ideas.

Added to the latest version (21.1.5).

However, I’m not quite sure about the implementation. I think tracking code should be set directly on fixed asset and intangible asset level and then all depreciation, amortization and disposals should automatically inherit this tracking code rather than manually selecting tracking code on all these transactions.

This is related to where I’m taking tracking codes next. They will evolve into divisional accounting where the final form will allow you to get balance sheet per division.


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