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I started using the manager version 18 on may 6 2022. I brought my accounting records from manual system to manager and added all the inventory items with their qty as starting balance. I was not able to add the suppliers’ outstanding balance and therefore i added their invoices which resulted in their balance being updated perfectly. The item quantity mentioned in those invoices didn’t interfere with the qty on hand because the invoice date was before the manager start date. It was all going good but today i made the mistake of updating the manger to version 22. Now my inventory item qty on hand has all messed up because of not availability of start date in this version. Kindly someone please help me how to solve this prblem

From the guide Enter starting balances

Unpaid invoices

Sales and purchase invoices not fully paid as of your start date are entered exactly like normal invoices, but with dates before your start date. If an invoice has been partially paid, only its remaining balance due is entered. Manager uses these pre-start invoices to establish starting balances for Accounts receivable and Accounts payalbe.

Because you will initially set your reporting period to begin on your start date, pre-start invoices will not affect your income or expense accounts. During later reporting periods, they will also be similarly ignored.

Carefully consider inventory items on pre-start invoices. If items on a sales invoice were already delivered under the prior accounting system, add the quantities back to the starting balances for those inventory items, because the pre-start sales invoice tells Manager they are being delivered again. Likewise, if items on a purchase invoice were already received under the prior accounting system, subtract them from starting balances for those inventory items, because the pre-start purchase invoice tells Manager they must be received again. If you will be using delivery notes or goods receipts to track quantities of the items involved, be sure to also enter those transactions. (Dates can match actual delivery or receipt dates, even if they are pre-start.) Your goal in adjusting starting balances for inventory items is to leave only the receivable or payable aspect of an invoice outstanding.

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