Multiple inventory cost accounts

As I have more that one sales items I would like to have more than one cost of sales accounts each one appropriate to each of the sales items. I am using production orders and all inventory costs go to the one “Inventory-cost” account. How can I have separate cost of sales from production orders? I have tried linking an expense account to an inventory item but this does not appear to work.

Have you tried editing your inventory items to post to custom accounts?

I don’t know if that will give you what you want, because you were not very specific, but it seems that it should.

Thanks Tut
Yes I have tried having a COS account as a custom expense account for an inventory item that is a component of a production order but it still posts to the inventory-cost account.

That is because it is part of the cost of your inventory. Are you literally trying to have a separate COGS account for every single item in inventory? That sounds unbelievably complex. Manager already calculates the average cost of every inventory item, including non-purchased contributions from production orders.

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I am using production orders [/quote]

When you use Production Orders, you are converting Raw (input) Materials into Finished (output) Goods, therefore you are only transferring Raw Materials “Inventory On Hand” into Finished Goods “Inventory On Hand”

There are “no” Cost of Sales with Production Orders as nothing is being sold, there is only a transfer within Inventory on Hand

Thanks Brucanna.
I am a little confused. I have a sales item of Oil that is processed from Seed. I have a production order with Oil as the finished product and Seed as the component with its own cost of sales expense account. When I do a sales invoice for the Seed the the cost of sales goes to the inventory-cost account. Am I missing a step in the process?

If I understand you correctly - you purchase Seed, convert to Oil and sell the Oil.
So the process is:
Purchase Inventory Item - Seed @ 10kgs @ 2.00/kg = 20.00
Production Order converts Seed in to Oil - 10kgs = 5lt
So Inventory Item - Oil = 5lt @ 4.00/lt = 20,00 and Seed = zero

The Inventory on Hand account balance stays the same value at 20.00, its just that the Seed has been converted to Oil. The Production Order is only showing you the Quantities but in the background Manager is doing an accounting transaction within the Inventory on Hand account - debiting Oil & crediting Seed

There is no COS for the Seed as it hasn’t been sold, just converted.
You would only do a Sales Invoice for Seed, if you were selling the Seed to a Customer.

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Thanks Brucanna.
I shall look into it. I think I missed a step.

I did not realise the steps in the process. Create production order then sales invoice. Works fine. Thanks guys. Good to find software with a forum that responds with good advice and quickly.