Multi Currency like you have never seen Zimbabwe

I searched the forum a bit and did not see any queries on this subject.

We are now required to pay taxes in the currency of the transactions but still maintain a unitary set of books in the local ZWL$

USD Vat is paid in USD and so on. Company income tax is to be paid in the currency of the profit. That means we need to track our profitability in total then apportion it between currencies. The only way I can see to do this from is to copy to excel then manually go through transaction by transaction. All of this for a QPD

It would be wonderful if I could do reports (all kinds) in the currencies of the transactions. I have looked at the custom reports and have not made much headway.


Have a look at this post from @lubos to a related query of mine a few weeks ago. You might get some useful ideas from some of the other replies there as well.

For the VAT return I found it easiest to create a new tax code for the USD transactions. This separates the ZWL from USD in many of the reports, but since Manager still converts everything to the base currency for the Summary, it’s also easy to see the ZWL equivalent of everything.

I’ll be doing my own QPD in the next few days and will hopefully be able to offer some more useful advice after I’ve worked it through myself. I think as long as you have your customers and suppliers designated in the correct currencies for their transactions, and you routinely enter the RBZ exchange rates, you should be able to extract the information you need through built-in or custom reports. If I have any great insights as I do mine I’ll be sure to share them.

Thanks Graham. I have read the post you linked, but will need to read it again and probably again to get it. So far I have been working off the payments tab and exporting since this exports with a currency symbol.

For VAT I have been exporting the balance sheet detail and manually separating since the currency symbol is preserved

Running 2 different vat accounts by currency is an excellent idea