Message when installing latest version on Windows 10

When I download and install the Windows Desktop version 20.5.65 I get a message

“This package was created with a trial version of Advanced Installer. You may use it for evaluation purposes only”

It seems to install and function correctly

Are you installing Manager from page? I have never seen that before. It might be an issue with that particular release. As long as it is working properly, I would leave it and update again in a few weeks time.

Yes, it occurs from version 20.5.65 onwards:


May I add that I find it a little bit annoying that the installer removes the icon pinned to the taskbar?

Hmm. I can’t reproduce the issue.

I looked up advanced installer and it seems that it is a msi installer authoring program.

I don’t think the problem is Manager. You have advanced installer software installed on your computer. go to uninstall programs and remove advanced installer. This probably got installed when you installed another program.

The Microsoft App Installer on my PC was installed in 5 Nov 2019

I have have installed many versions of Manager without getting this message, so I don’t think it is anything to do with the App Installer.

Sometimes when I download and install Manager, I get a message saying that it isn’t a validated app from the App Store and do I want to install it. happens about 1 in 5 times

Well the error message refers to this program, therefore there must be a connection. The developer would have said if he was using advanced installer to create the install package.

I am sure if you removed this Microsoft app, you will find both your issues will be gone. I have never had problems installing Manager where it says its not a valid app. Again I suspect this advance installer program is the cause.

I do not have an Advanced Installer on my system - Advanced Installer is a Microsoft tool for creating install packages so it is used by the developer not the client

Looks to be the case at least in recent times
Manager 19.6.58

Manager 20.05.56

Manager 20.05.70

I stand corrected. I will leave this for @lubos to resolve as I don’t know how advanced installer works.

All I can comment on, is that I don’t install Manager through Microsoft store and this may be where the error message is coming from and possibly the version of advanced installer that the developer is using is a trial version which is being flagged up by Microsoft store setting as shown in picture in apps and features.