Manager API

Just enquiring is there an api or any intention to release one in the future?

Search the forum for the hundreds of posts on this topic.

Strange I did search the topic ‘api’ and nothing shown. Is it covered under a specific topic or ad-hoc posts?

Self explanatory… just type API in the forum search box and see… Click on More… and as @Tut mentioned hundreds of posts.

Yep my bad thank’s for taking the time to reply. I guess I should have been more specific and asked if there was any documentation on the website as my technical team was searching. They have just finished with the Xero integration with our PM software and was exploring the options for Manager. We will reach out with an email to the company. Thanks again.

You will not be successful with such a request. All support comes via the Guides and this forum.

@Tut already replied regarding using this forum and the guides. As for API, assuming that you are using Cloud or Server edition you can add /api to the URL that you use to login and use the admin username and password when prompted. You will then see an almost self-explanatory api interface with example scripts and the related output such as below:

Clicking on the blue links in the output will drill down deeper, with a new example script and related output.

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Cheers guy’s much appreciated