Line of credit & invoice payment facility

Hi guys,

Have been using the program for some time and loving it. Also, this forum is a godsend. So helpful.

Now I’m a bit stuck.

I have a line of credit for my business, which also includes the option of having invoices prepaid for me. I then pay back the company that has offered me this line of credit over a number of months.

I’m pretty new to accounting, and I have no idea how to reflect this…


Invoice XYZ for $1,000 is paid for me by Finstro (the company that provides that service) to my supplier.

I then repay Finstro over a period of 6 months, where I pay a set amount each month + interest/fees.

How do I reflect this in Manager? Should I set up a Liabilities account called “Finstro” with the total amount I will be paying them back (so $1,000 from the invoice + interest/fees) or how does this work to accurately reflect that the invoice is actually paid and obviously not screw up the P&L statement and BAS worksheet?

Hope that makes sense - thanks in advance for your help!


set them up as expense claim payers.
read below guides.

the interest/fees can be added as a separate line allocated to a suitable expense account.

I would set up the line of credit as if it were a credit card, see guide -

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