Last financial date bills

i have a unpaid invoice from last financial date (courier service). the account of this transaction is in expenses account. how to i issue this payment so it will not show up in the profit and lost statement of the operating year

If I understand your question correctly, you are not using purchase invoices to record your expenses but only payments.

I also presume that you mean that you have incurred an expense, courrier service, that relates to the previous financial year but have not yet recorded the payment.

If you are preparing accounts on a cash basis, then unfortunately there is nothing you can do as you have not paid the expense.

If you are preparing accounts on an accrual basis then you can use a journal entry dated the last day of the financial year to debit the amount to the expense account and credit the accruals account.

When you make the payment post it to the Accruals account and not the expense account as you normally would


thanks a lot. it worked.