KSA Electronic Invoice

Dear all
after update i can not see VAT ID and invoice time when i scan the QR Code and we can not adjust the invoice information on the A4 page because the information starting from the beginning of the page
Also if you have any idea to advise for the below points because it is required to be applied in the program
1- should be we can not edit or delete the invoice after created
2- The invoice number should be generated automatically
3- Expotr all invoces on XML

kindly i need your help before 4/12/2021

@wsu2005 please stop posting the same message across this forum as already asked by others. You posted similar in QR Code Generation for Invoice and in Saudi Arabia - #36 by Ealfardan

This is not following forum rules. Please stick to the discussion at Saudi Arabia - #36 by Ealfardan where this belongs. Ideally you delete this one.

ok thanks but how i can explain if i put my points in some subjects and they answer to me same your answer because that i create new subject to solve my points