Itemized fixed asset depreciation on Profit and Loss report

On my Profit & Loss report is there a way to show the depreciation for each fixed asset?

Right now it is all grouped under “Fixed Asset Depreciation”.

I would like to see a line for each asset and its depreciation.

Not possible - and I can’t imagine many users would want it. I have never seen this done in any P & L reports, ever

The reason you cannot do this is that depreciation is hard-coded into calculation of book value, which in turn is used in various reports and worksheets, as well as being used to determine the balance of the Fixed assets, accumulated depreciation account. That is also why you cannot access the Fixed assets - depreciation account for journal entries.

If you want to see the depreciation history of an asset, go to the Fixed Assets tab and drill down under the Depreciation column. Or look at the Fixed Asset Summary under Reports.

Ok, but to me it is just showing numbers. nothing is changing.

I have done it in my other program, but manually. I had to create a new expense account for that asset (under a depreciation group) and then in general journal entries, make the transaction.

I do not understand what you mean by this.

If you like your other program better, use it. If you want to use Manager, you cannot do what you describe for the reasons I already explained.

The P&L report is a list of accounts displaying there respective amounts. On a P&L no changes can be made to any account. It is just displaying information.

I did not say that i liked my other program better. I was explaining what I did in my other program.

I still don’t get your point about the P&L. The report is not just a display of numbers that can be moved at will. It is the synthesized result of interrelated transactions. Move one transaction that affects the P&L and there is a corresponding effect on a balance sheet account or subsidiary ledger. And that ripples elsewhere through reports and worksheets.

Yes I understand that.

I am talking about displaying numbers that are already “there”.

for example. There is one line on P&L stating the depreciation amount for the period I have selected, which is the last fiscal year.

That is the total depreciation for 5 assets. my first question was if there is a way to expand that line to show each assets name and its depreciation on the P&L report. But if it is not possible, it’s not possible.

if I click on the blue number this is what I get.

It still does not list each assets name.

First of all, unless you renamed the account as Fixed Asset Depreciation, you are not dealing with the program’s depreciation features at all. The built-in depreciation expense account is named Fixed assets - depreciation (note the capitalization and punctuation differences).

I understood your question and answered it. There are no subsidiary ledgers for P&L accounts. If you put more information into your descriptions, you will be able to use the Search function to isolate those transactions.

Yes the built in account was renamed

If I would use a new depreciation entry for each asset then I could put the assets name in the description. But the program is designed to list multiple assets in one deprecation entry for each period.

so why cant it give me the assets name on the summary tab.

Because there are no subsidiary ledgers. In your example, only the transaction total of 2,535,150 was entered in the Fixed Asset Depreciation account ledger. Subsidiary ledgers for income and expense accounts would add an entire layer of complexity to the program.

That is why I told you in post #3 above to go to the Fixed Assets tab and drill down. The Fixed Assets account is a control account (which can exist only for balance sheet accounts), and it does contain subsidiary ledgers for individual assets.

Ok, case closed.


@Ben7230 see this thread in the ideas category. If implemented this would possibly give the functionality that you requested.

I know the case is closed, but I just want to remind you that IFRS requires the accumulated depreciation and depreciation split in the notes to the annual financial statement between the different type of assets. So if it is split in your trial balance, it can be easily be picked up in your annual financial statements. Therefor I support the request to split it in Manager for a future request.