Issuing the credit note

one of my client has laibility for us , he is saying to provide credit note then issue the current dated invoice , can we issue the invoices in this case

this is more of an accounting question rather than related to the functioning of Manager.

anyway, you should not issue a credit note if your client owes money to you. since they are asking to issue a new invoice after issuing a credit note, the amount they owe to you would be the same like before. so i am not sure for what reasons they are requesting this. you will have to clarify the same with the client.

actually he got new PURCHASE ORDER , and to process the updated po , authorised person is not there , so to release the payment he is asking to provide a credit note and the provide a current dated invoices , can we provide in such way

Your clarification adds more confusion. Is this “client” a customer or a supplier of your business? Did you give him a purchase order? If so, he is a supplier. But, if you are awaiting money from him, he must be a customer. But, if you have a liability towards him, he must be a supplier. None of this makes sense.

Credit notes reduce the amount owed to you by a customer. If you issue one against an existing sales invoice, the sales invoice will show the reduced balance due. See Use credit notes for customer returns and refunds | Manager.

I would only issue a CREDIT NOTE if you are refunding the customer. Or if you are reducing the total invoice amount.

@chekilam_sneha_krish if I have understood your question correctly, you have received a purchase order from your customer and supplied that customer with the goods or services on the purchase order, and your customer requires you to extend him credit as he cannot pay immediately. Issuing a sales invoice with a future due date will formalize the transaction and provide time for your customer to pay. This would be the correct way to process this.