Invoices and Inventory Items

Hi Again,
I have created a test business to play around and try to understand how everything works… (but there are a few things that i still don’t get).

After I created the test business (i have 92 inventory items) i have imported the inventory items and they seems to be ok. then created some suppliers, then I imported the bank statements from the business acc and started to create purchase invoices, but here is my problem… Then I tried to link one of the payments we made (from importing the bank statements into manager) to the invoice I created earlier with all the items (products) we get. Which account should i select to link that payment that show in suspense, is it accounts payables, then select the supplier and the invoice for that payment???

Also for each product (overseas products) that we sell we have not only the cost of the product, we have sea freight charges from a different company, customs charges from the origin port, then customs charges at the destination port, freight to get the goods to us from the port, port charges, custom brokers, etc… how can we add this cost to the products (inventory items) (different charges=different suppliers but all charges add to the cost of the product).

We use NZD and paid to overseas suppliers in USD (i think there is when the Exchange rates in settings comes into action???)

I had to workout the unit price individually for each product because we buy in boxes quantity but for inventory items we need the quantity by units) is this correct??

The inventory Item does not show any price information or Qty on hand or Average cost, is this info coming from the invoice i have created earlier?
I’m pretty sure I’m doing something wrong here…



That’s correct

From what you have described above you have done a lot of activity perhaps without checking each step so can I suggest - delete your imported bank account transactions and delete your purchase invoices transactions - this should leave you with your Suppliers and Inventory data with out any associated values.

Enter one Purchase Invoice with a few Inventory items - after creating that invoice check that the related inventory have updated correctly, now do more Purchase Invoices etc, Once you have that working ok then do the imported bank statement transactions and check the results each time.