Inventory zero warning

@lubos hope you consider this as it will make work easier for many.

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This option of Zero inventory Worning is one of the most wanted preference and ever waited. Please @lubos, this is urgently required by a lot of users while others are making this option a Must Have one.

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how you can do this ?

how you can do this idea ?

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@ABDME2003, as with your other recent post, you are asking for information about a suggested new feature that does not exist. Topics in the ideas category are only suggestions.

Its very important feature, requested by Many users but still missing. @lubos please consider it


Can you please navigate where add this feature in manager sir.?

It is in the forum Ideas category to be discussed as a possible feature and therefore does not exist.

This is the best suggestion - to show a display about zero qty warning.

It would be a warning while on the GO.


Why would that be the best? There are many alternative options to create alerts, some much less intrusive than this one. Whatever will be implemented is up to the Developer but the idea for out of stock alerts is a good one and I hope that work is done on it even though we mostly use other inventory apps as part of POS systems we agree this is an issue for those that use Manager inventory and appeal to @Lubos to finish the improve the inventory management system with this.

@eko , ok, let me revise my comments. Let us say, one of the best

That said, however, we all agree on a platform about some sort of indication display for stock quantity without inhibiting the present ability to make entries regardless of stock quantity.

Needless to mention this to @lubos who, being an outstanding developer, would be well aware of the need to add this that would greatly assist users.

That is why it is in the ideas group, but not necessarily because we all agree but for discussion. Your suggestion was one input and your modification is a good one.