Inventory zero warning

I often create invoices even if Qty in hand is 0. But sometimes it would make things easier if I could see available Qty in hand (without going to Inventroy Items tab every time) while inside the invoice weather by hovering the mouse over the item or having a seperate column showing qty. This is specially useful if the client didn’t want to wait for the next time the item would be available and wanted to see if we enough of that item.

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You can always open a second window to display inventory quantities so that they are easily available

True, but then I would type the item name in the invocie then type it again in Inventroy Items to filter it which seems inconvenient don’t you agree ?

Very true, but I was just trying to help.
I don’t think this kind of warning/notice is very high on lubos list of developments, if indeed, it is on it all

I think we should leave that for Lubos to say, we should be careful not to discourage anyone. This is what he had to say about the implementation of ideas;

“I do not look at ideas as a flat list that can be sorted by popularity. I see it as a dependency tree. For example, the most popular idea could be very hard to implement at the moment. But would get progressively easier to implement once the other 5 related less popular ideas are implemented. The key here is that every topic in the ideas category will be addressed as long as I keep pushing the program forward.”


All business with stock control, specially those who produce manufactured items, want to avoid zero stock items in raw materials. So, an alert for zero stock item is a too late alert. The inventary item configuration should has a field “Trigger alert below” a configurable quantity. May be a message in the inventory items view saying “one or more items are below critical stock” and an option to generate a report for critical items.

An inventory zero warning is of value when a customer tries to buy an item, delivery is different if it is not in stock.

Manufacturing scheduling is a different function, see

Fruitful discussion
Also please consider there are instances where the Invoicing user, or the user at the production may be excluded from viewing or creating Inventory .
In such a situation its better to have a low stock warning given at Invoicing tab

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in addition to a sales invoice also when generating a receipt alone as many sales are directly receipted and not on invoice (think shops, restaurants, etc)


So maybe instead of just a zero stock warning maybe setting a vaiable low stock warning on inventory.


Yes it will be good if we can enter the low stock level at the time of entering Sales price and Purchase Price which can be the trigger to show at the Invoice tab
Low stock level


Is that not what the other idea is about

No, well sort of. What I mean is if a low stock warning value is set in inventory of say 3 units, you have 6 units in stock, and you enter 4 or more units into an invoice/reciept you get the warning that the amount entered results in low stock, or if there were less than 3 in stock a warning that it exceeds stock on hand. Sort of combines both ideas into one.
This could be done with a check box in inventory to switch the feature on and a value entered.

“if (Low Stock Warning box) is checked and (value entered in invoice/receipt) > or = (LSW value) then (display warning) else continue”.

This way those who sell stock they don’t have on hand can leave the box in inventory unchecked and those that have it checked simply get a warning pop up with the option to continue/dismiss the warning.


I suppose it would depend on a businesses operating procedures:

  • If purchasing / manufacturing decisions are made at the time a sale is made to a customer, then having re-ordering / manufacturing information shown at the time a customer purchase occurs would be helpful.

  • If there is separation in staff or staff task time, between sale to a customer and manufacturing / stock reorder decisions; then having the re-order / re-manufacture planing supplied as a stock report would make more sense.

  • Just showing quantity on hand at order placement many achieve fairly general utility.

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Another idea popped up to my mind
Whenever the invoicing user raise up an item to the sales form let it show the stock level and let him invoice considering or not considering the notification.
Let the notification not be driven to the view window or not get printed
Its just a notification
Please laugh it out if I am wrong


it’s wired how many people are asking for this option for years but the devs still ignoring it, despite technically it’s not hard and it could be done in a few code lines & just in 2 minutes.

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Just in reading this thread and yes it too is critical for me as I manufacture my retail goods from various parts of my inventory. If it is not going to tell me there is 0 qty then my stock is going to be out or am I wrong on this?

Currently, Manager will not give you any pop-up inventory level warnings. That much is true. But you can open a second Manager window and monitor inventory item levels in it as you create sales invoices or production orders in another. The techniques for that depend on our operating system and have been explained many, many times on the forum.

Yes you are correct Tut, but its not going to make any difference or harm instead the users will find it easy in getting the information at the same window.
And the itself will be better since our reps can now invoice at the field, thanks to mobile friendly enhancement.


You do not have to convince me. I was just explaining what can currently be done.