Inventory Quantity Adjustment on Bank Statement Import

After importing and reconciling a bank statement from PayPal, I’m trying to adjust my inventory on the sales receipts. In the example below, a sale of a specific custom-made ring used up 4" of sterling silver sheet from inventory. If I add the inventory item and the amount used to the receipt, the inventory balance is adjusted properly. However, the Inventory Quantity Movement report shows no activity under Sales, and Purchases is reduced by 4.

Is there a recommended, more efficient way of adjusting inventory when importing sales transactions? Manually creating a Sales Invoice would work, but it would be very time consuming to do for every sale and would defeat the purpose of the statement import. Thanks.

After doing a backup and some experimenting, I believe I have the answer. I changed the account from Sales to Inventory - sales, selected the inventory item and entered the quantity. The Amount field was lost, but when I re-entered the value and updated the receipt, the inventory numbers looked correct.