Inventory profit margin report

have just noticed that, inventory profit margin report doesnt show the profit or its percentage on sales made collectively, like, i have set up to sell softdrinks by bottle and by dozen, so i created in inventory kit to sell by dozen. when i run the report, inventory profit margin, it only shows the sales that i sold by bottles, and those i sold by dozen dont…

regards to all.

Inventory kits are not included currently included because of a shortcoming in design of the profit allocation. See Inventory Profit Margin report bug when Inventory Kits are sold.

thanks tuts… hoping to resolve soon.

You could create two inventory items (bottle / dozen), instead of the kit and this would resolve your issue.

If you are buying by the dozen then the supplier purchases would go to that inventory item.
Then by using Production Orders you can convert dozens inventory into single bottle inventory or vice versa (single bottles into dozens) if that’s more practical.

thanks brucanna, just did.