Inventory Kits in Custom Reports

Dear @lubos,

I’m trying to extract sales related to an Inventory Item in Custom Reports. However, since they where done through Inventory Kits, I cannot see them. They are linked only to the Inventory Kits and not to Inventory Item.

I think that since an Inventory Kit is linked to many Inventory Item through quantities they should be linked also in the query.


When it comes to selling inventory kit, it will be single general ledger transaction into income account. Manager cannot break it down into multiple transactions by inventory item because it cannot possibly know how much of sale amount to attribute to each inventory item.

So you can get sales by item which are either inventory items or inventory kits. But I just realized Item field is not yet exposed. Would this solve the issue?

Sorry but I cannot understand your proposal. Which Item field?

Can you show screenshot of your custom report definition instead? I will explain on your particular example.

I would like to see the permutation with all of the inventory items linked to this list but I understand perfectly that your queries are all linked to a single line of a transaction.

Do you also sell inventory items or you sell inventory kits only?

Only inventory kits

You don’t seem to be selecting any amount on your custom report. If you don’t care about the amount, then work with cost of goods sold transactions instead of sales transactions.

Cost of goods sold transactions have both Inventory Item and Inventory Kit field filled in.

This was actually fixed yesterday

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It works! Thanks a lot!

I also find out that, under custom reports, custom fields in the form of numbers are not summed in subtotals and dates, again in custom fields, are not formatted correctly following Preferences.

Can I also ask why quantity is not shown in my new report?