Inventory History: Historical Average Cost, Orders, Invoices, etc

We have a large inventory of thousands of items, some of which are kept in stock regularly and some of which are only brought into stock once every few years. We cannot manually keep track of how much each item should cost, so we rely on the average cost values instead. I understand that an average cost should be 0 when the quantity is 0 because there is no cost for no inventory. However, our current program will show us a historical average cost in addition to the average cost which still gives us an idea as to how much we should expect to pay for reordering. This is especially important when we are quoting customers and need quick access to historical data. Is there any way to show a historical average cost when the quantity owned is 0?

Additionally, I realize we can click on the quantity column of any item to see what transactions (Goods Receipts or Delivery Notes) have affected that quantity. However, I cannot find any way of viewing all of the quotes, orders and invoices an inventory item has been included in. That is also critical information to have easily accessible. For example, if a customer is on the phone wanting a quote, we must be able to quickly see if they have been previously quoted on that item or not. I would have expected to be able to click on a customer and see all of the quotes, orders, invoices and delivery notes created under them as well as click on an inventory item and see everything attached to that as well (Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, Sales Invoices, Delivery Notes, Purchase Orders, Purchase Invoices, Goods Receipts).


There is no way.

This works for invoices. To view other transaction types, go to the respective tabs and search for the customer’s name.

When we have a customer on the phone wanting information quickly, this is too time consuming unfortunately. I saw that @lubos had mentioned this previously in 2016 as something he was going to implement and I thought I might be missing how to access it. Unfortunately it looks like we may have to go with Quickbooks Enterprise :confused: , which I’m definitely not excited about but I’m just finding too many little issues that, while easily fixable if I had access to the source code, will prevent us from working efficiently tracking customers, suppliers, orders and inventory.

You gave me an idea. Currently, customers have Invoices column which shows list of invoices. I was really reluctant to start adding new columns such as Quotes, Orders etc. because it would just end up too many columns everywhere.

Maybe there should be column called Documents and it would list all attached documents (orders, quotes, delivery notes, goods receipts, invoices, credit notes etc).

This way it would be easy to look up all the quotes which contained selected inventory item right from Inventory Items tab.

That would be perfect. Have a column called “Documents” / “Linked” / “Related” for in the customers screen and the inventory items screen.

While we’re talking about linking things, it would also be nice if a quote / order / invoice / delivery note, etc. references another ID, it becomes clickable (i.e. if Delivery Note #9528 references Invoice #5814 then instead of having to manually go and find the invoice to view it, you can click on 5814 directly from the delivery note).