Inventory cost

Hello I have the following concerning inventory.

  1. The method used is just the WAC method. It will the good the software takes into consideration other methods like FIFO, LIFO etc.

  2. In the presentation of the Profit and loss. It will be good we have a format to present the trading Account (ssles - cost of goods sold =Gross margin) and the profit and loss Account (Gross profit +other revenue- operating expenses = Net profit. (IAS 1)

3.Then the profit and loss Account doesnt show the purchase it shows rather the Cost of sales it will be good it shows the purchases from which variation of stock is subtracted to get the Cost of sales. (IAS 1)

The only inventory valuation available is the weighted average

You can use a different method, but you will have to setup the accounts you want and value and enter your inventory at the end of each accounting period using a journal entry .

Nor will you be able to use the inventory reports in Manager

#2 is already possible.

Ok 2 is possible in which version please because i am using version 22.7.1

Instructions on building your chart of accounts here Build a chart of accounts | Manager

This includes how to add totals where you want them to be

All versions.