Inventory Control Account displayed as a tab Column

In “Fixed Assets” the control account is shown as a column.
And it’s very helpful.


In “Inventory Items” the control account is not showing as a column.
And I am having difficulties for that.

Please fix this issue.


@tut you have completely confused me here - how did “custom income accounts” become part of this topic.

In @Abu_Hasan initial post he only made reference to - “Inventory Items” the control account.
In their second post they make the same reference - These two (control) accounts are set as made up of Inventory Items.

The point they were making was this - when you assign a Fixed Assets to a control account the Fixed Assets tab has a column informing you.

But when you assign an Inventory Item to a control account

the Inventory Items tab “doesn’t” have a column informing you.

Having that column would (1) make the programme more consistent but more importantly (2) would provide a transparent way to review the Inventory Items control account allocations without having to individually open “edit” each item.


My mistake. When I tried to reproduce the situation @Abu_Hasan mentioned, I overlooked the possibility of indicating a control account was made up of inventory items. So I thought he must be referring to custom income and expense accounts. I am deleting my answers, which were off topic as a result of the mistake.

@Abu_Hasan, I apologize for the incorrect information I gave you before. The error was due to an oversight on my part, which @Brucanna’s question helped me discover.

Now that I understand correctly what you are saying, I agree the change would be helpful.

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You guys are AWESOME.

Hope the issue would be fixed in future.

Is there any update on this issue?

Have elevated this as a development idea.


Added to the latest version (17.10.72)


Is it possible to do something like this for the profit and loss, but instead of putting the control accounts in profit and loss summary page view, rather have it under inventory cost. So you click on inventory cost and then see the control accounts as a sub account.

I know that you can break inventory items up into sub accounts on the summary page, but if you have 16 different inventory item categories, this then adds 16 items to the summary page. Is there no way to use the concept of control accounts (which currently only applies to balance sheet) and have a sub account control account where categories are listed under a current top level account such as inventory sales or inventory cost.

@dalacor - I think you mean Inventory Custom accounts, not Control Accounts.

“Instead of listing all the Inventory Custom accounts in the profit and loss summary page view, have them grouped under the Inventory - Sales / Cost accounts so that when you click on those Inventory - Sales / Cost accounts you can then see the Custom accounts as sub accounts. Similar to how the summary page BS Control Accounts function when clicked upon.”

Inventory - cost is an automatic account. It cannot act as a group, which is what you are really suggesting. But you can create a COGS group and assign all your custom inventory expense accounts to it. They will still show on the P&L, though. My question would be why you would go to the trouble of creating those 16 custom accounts if you don’t want them to show.

Beyond that, what you suggest would be a major restructuring of the program. Control accounts can only be defined to include elements of a tab: fixed assets, customers, bank accounts, inventory items, special accounts, and so on. None of them can comprise income or expense accounts.

No I mean control accounts, but in the way say Fixed assets work. You see fixed assets on the summary page and when you click that you get a nice list of all the fixed assets with their amounts. Thats what I am looking for.

The point is that like with fixed assets, you don’t have every fixed asset showing on the summary page, so I don’t see why one can’t have the same concept for inventory-cost and inventory-sales in order to view inventory cost and sales by categories such as laptops, printers etc but without it showing on the summary page.

I suspect that something similar to what I am proposing will eventually be implemented into the program as drilling down into income and expenses and using categories as described above will be quite useful. But probably not in the pipeline for the program for some time.

Because as I tried to explain earlier, you are dealing with completely different concepts.
With Fixed Assets you have Header Account plus the sub-accounts, note sub-accounts.
With Inventory Sales / Cost you have the Header Account plus “alternate” accounts, note alternate.

When you give an Inventory Item a Custom account, you are requesting that this account be used as an alternate (instead of) to the standard Header Account - so you have substituted reporting accounts. The Custom account is an alternate (not sub-account) to the Header account.

With Fixed Assets you can’t give a Fixed Asset Item a Custom / alternate account within the Header account.

That’s not to say that in the future that the Inventory Item Custom (alternate) accounts can’t be grouped either under or separately from the Header account

Yes I appreciate the points that you are making. I am sure that there is someway that the grouping concept could be carried across without actually changing the actual account used. Maybe have a new kind of tracking code or category code that allows one to show the total in inventory cost, but also allows a breakdown.

I was just merely expressing an oft wanted wish with regards to inventory items. I suspect that something will eventually be introduced as many people I am sure want to break down the profit and loss amounts into quick and easy categories.

Now I under Fixed Assets and Control Groups better, so I learned something today :grinning: