Inventory API

I am using API …but its same issue for inventory on hand
can you please provide inventory listing via api ? or shwo qty on hand ?
“Name”: ,
qty on hand : ???

if you see on listing then show on API listing also please

even i have using custom report then via api then result not shown

What issue?

I can only assume that you want to view other fields.

The json file you describe is the index for InventoryItem object type. Manager uses SQL for GL only. For everything else it’s a document database so you need to access each item separately.

To view the fields of each inventory item you should use this URI schema to loop over the keys in the index page:

https://{ Your Domain }/api/{ business key }/{ object type key }/{ object key }.json

yes i know but didnt show qty on hand like inventry listing
just show just starting balance simple

That’s not possible at this moment. In order to do that you need to rebuild the entire data structure in your BI project. Which isn’t practical.

There’s been a couple of suggestions to retrieve report outputs via API but the developer didn’t show interest in the idea.

I would love to see this make it to ideas though.

yes every buddy need this …please i request to developer shwoing via api …just need alert on qty that’s why i create sales invoice via api but same issue on API

see on your forum every buddy need these …please

Hi @hussainiii, it is possible to get the Quantity On Hand value for all inventory items.

Instead of going to the /api/ url, you just need to add “.json” to the normal inventory listing url (e.g. https://{ Your Domain }/inventory-items.json?FileID={ business key })

As a workflow, you could/should be able to use TimeStamp on the index to select the “Keys” you are interested in. You will need to extract the Key from the view/edit url but at least it is available.
Then when you get the array of items back from the “front end” url, just select the keys you are interested in.

or of course, you can start with the list of qty and work with the ones you need (i.e. select low stock for reordering etc)


@MarkLL everytime you visit the forum I seem to learn something new.

@MarkLL Nice bro…got it !

Has this stopped working? We get the error “Not implemented instead of getting a list of products”

The query strings for the website have been encoded differently which means that they’re no longer guessable:

But this shouldn’t be a problem since the strings for the main tabs are more or less constant per tab per business so, I don’t know why they’ve been taken out. I think the tab listings should still give json as an option, especially since they contain “reports” such as inventory on hand which is impractical to query from the API.

We used to get inventory items in json form using this url … but now this gives “Unimplemented error”. Any idea on how we can use that now? What we want is a list of inventory items but with some reporting like QtyOnHand and QtyToReceive, which the API doesn’t give any more.

@lubos Can we have a feedback here? The API is not working any more as it used, and our website is blocked because it cannot read the info from Manager about stock and other custom fields we have created for our Inventory Items.

@lubos please please open .json file …because many reports not avaible then we can develop via json
and now its close …please open json file

I just tried but for example
Works as normal

its show msg

{“message”:“Not implemented”}

on new version

give an example of the link similar to what I did, so no details of the further URL or FileID. key


The format is /inventory-items.json?FileID=

Not ?business key

Also here `/inventory-items.json?FileID=’
same error