Intangible Assets Report


Is it anyway to have an intangible assets report please? I know most businesses do not use those however in my case most of my business assets are intangible and it would be very useful to have it.


Manager does not yet support intangible asset reports but if you are not using fixed assets to record fixed assets you can use it to record intangible assets and record the amortization in the same way as depreciation of fixed assets. You would also need to edit the names of all the three accounts for fixed assets from the Chart of Accounts as follows:

  • “Fixed Assets” to “Intangible Assets”
  • “Fixed Assets Accumulated Depreciation” to “Intangible Assets Accumulated Amortization”
  • “Depreciation” to “Amortization”


I understand but this option cannot work as I do use fixed assets. Maybe is something you could add in the near future as it will be quite helpful. Thank you in advance


If more people start asking for this, I’ll add Intangible assets tab.


We would be able to use an Intangible assets tab. Currently, we are just using a regular asset account.


Yes an Intangible Asset Tab would be great


@lubos if you can just add the intangible asset feature, I humbly request it too as this will enhance Managers Financial Reporting. We are all using a make shift intangible asset for now.


I’ve added Intangible assets tab to the latest version (15.1.47)