Yes I am aware that the second option works. Just thought that the rate calculation would be much easier.

Assuming the withholding taxes are @ 10% on the invoices which are being raised by my company, setting the same at form defaults would be much faster than entering them as withholding tax amounts for each invoice.

i INDIA now we have Different Tax Codes For Input And Output GST.
Place of Supply And Source of Supply Data In Customers And Suppliers Respectively.

Now i Want To request a New Feature Related To this:- There Must Be A 4 Different Fields Present in Inventory master instead on a Single Tax Code Field.
1st - `Tax Code On Intra-State Sale/Cash Sale` :- filled with Output Tax Code of CGST+SGST with respective Rate Of Tax.
2nd- `Tax Code On Intra-State Purchase/Cash Purchase` :-filled with Input Tax Code of CGST+SGST with respective Rate Of Tax.
3rd- `Tax Code On Inter-State Purchase/Cash Purchase` :- filled with Input Tax Code of IGST with respective Rate Of Tax.
4th- `Tax Code On Inter-State Sale/Cash Sale` :- filled with Output Tax Code of IGST with respective Rate Of Tax.

when We make A Sales / purchase Invoice. Tax Code is to Be Selected Automatically On the base of Customer/ Supplier Place of Supply/ Source of Supply.

I read this whole thread.
I am from India and just summarize some points in this.
We required mainly 2 types of Specific GST Reports.

  1. GSTR-3B : Mainly Required 5 Columns (Manager is technically capable)
  2. GSTR1 : more-than 10 Columns Required (Technically not capable till v.22.1.1 (Max 6 Columns))

Now 1st we need to try for the GSTR-3B report Preparation.
Part 1 of GSTR-3B
Details of Sales & Supplies liable to reverse charge.
In this our 1st required Row is: Sales details.
its 1st column = Total Taxable Value (of sales only)
2nd column = IGST (of sales only)
3rd Column = CGST (of sales only)
4th Column = SGST / UTGST (of sales only)
5th Column = Cess (of sales only)
As displayed in bellow Photo.

Here Important thing we need is Only sales data need to written. (Currently we are getting this by Tax summary report… that I will explain today in detail after this.)

Now Part 2 of GSTR-3B
Details of Purchase
its 1st column = IGST (of sales only)
2nd Column = CGST (of sales only)
3rd Column = SGST / UTGST (of sales only)
4th Column = Cess (of sales only)
As displayed in bellow Photo.
GSTR-3B Purchase Details

this information is given for the general information for the team manager.
Currently manager is not provided Tax codes automatically to the inventory items “IGST” for Inter state(outside state) or “CGST + SGST” for Intra state(within state).
By reporting category and report transformation currently we are not able to separate details for Tax collected with sales(IGST, CGST & SGST) and Tax given as Purchase (IGST, CGST & SGST). Currently we are getting combined details of IGST or CGST or SGST. as in photo.
Transformation report

So as in photo, By report transformation… we are not able to separate out sales and purchase tax directly… (currently I am using TAX Summary report for this… and its easy to calculate the tax manually by that report… as in bellow photo)

TTV in photo = Total taxable value.
CGST & SGST is 50% each so… 1843.2 / 2 = 921.6 is Value of both…
So here Cgst = 921.6 , SGST = 921.6
and as this we can calculate the details of Purchase…

if Team Manager @lubos will implement some points as described then we can get all required things for GSTR-3B Directly by Report Transformation.
Very thanks.

At Team Manager & @lubos … Is there any way to “Use” OR “Extract” Values from Tax Summary report…? ???
If Yes… then we can easy Make GSTR-3B report from Report Transformations.

No, there is not.